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March will be a big month in coastal areas like Destin, where Spring Breakers visit to enjoy the sunshine, beaches, boating and partying scene. Crab Island is open and waiting for the pontoon boats filled with folks who want to enjoy one of the most well-known boat-in party scenes.

Although local tourism officials don’t market to the college student Spring Break crowd, they find us anyway. Auburn students will be here the first week in March, while Gators and Seminoles will be visiting that second week.

The University of Alabama is on spring break that same week.
Peak spring break travel is expected during those first two weeks in March, but schools like University of West Florida and Tulane won’t be here until the last week.

Many hotels and rentals don’t allow anyone under 25 to rent rooms and properties, which may cut down slightly on out-of-town travelers. Folks under 25 are also not allowed to operate a pontoon boat, though you only need to be 18 to rent one.

Chartering a boat may be the best option for local waters anyway. Strict enforcement is ongoing for drinking and driving on the roads or on the water. Charter boats include an operator, which frees you up to enjoy the area safely.

REMEMBER TO HYDRATE, especially at Crab Island! You may be in the water all day, and think you are fine. However, the Sun doesn’t quit, and mixed with alcohol, you may put yourself in a dangerous scenario. So be smart and drink plenty of fresh water.