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Get up early

Get up early and enjoy the community’s restaurants, roads and beaches. Many residents are at work, while many visitors sleep in. Crack the dawn, or at least get out before 9, and get a jump on the day.

Eat where the locals eat

Want to find out where the locals eat? Check the parking lots for Okaloosa County plates.

Slow down on bridges

Slow down on the bridges leading to Destin from Fort Walton Beach. There’s a slight rise in the middle, which prevents eastbound drivers from seeing stopped traffic ahead. Of course, “first-timers” are going to want to slow down and stare all around…ITS BEAUTIFIL!

Work out

Want to work out when you’re in town? Ask about weekly passes at gyms and other fitness facilities. Check the or websites for lots of listings.

Check out local information

Check for charters, rentals, and tours. These are all run buy locals so they can certainly give you lots of inside information.

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