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Imagine cruising on turquoise waters in your own private floating island!

A rented pontoon boat is your ticket to Crab Island fun! This spacious, stable platform becomes your aquatic playground.

Soak up the sun on comfy couches, crank up the tunes, and dive into the crystal-clear water to snorkel alongside playful fish.

When you anchor at vibrant Crab Island, you and your crew can soak up the island vibes, and make memories that will last a lifetime. 

Local hack: If you’re planning to drink, choose a Charter instead of a rental. The last thing you want to take home from vacation is a BUI (think boating instead of driving) ticket.

pontoon boat with slide

With a pontoon boat, it’s not just about reaching Crab Island, it’s about the unforgettable journey and creating your own slice of paradise on the water.

Beach Weekend Ponton Boat Rentals