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Gentry Rogers grew up surfing and spent most of his adult years working the water, as well as tending bar in local restaurants. Now, the colorful retired bartender – who sees things a little bit differently than some folks — is ready for some Island Therapy. His new pontoon boat, designed to match his vision of what life on the water should look and feel like, is now available for small group charters in local waters.

“I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart,” he says. “Twenty-five years of working in the service industry bartending made me realize, ‘Let me deal with a few people – not a lot of people.’ It’s time to go all in.”

His dreams took shape when he was driving down a local roadway and saw some double-decker pontoon boats in a lot. He stopped by, learned about the boat-making company and went to work on plans for his perfect pontoon boat.

With its clean lines, silver rails, open spaces and flooring similar to the traction pad on a surfboard, Island Therapy has a unique look and feel. Gentry began booking charters before his boat even touched the water and he’s looking ahead to a busy spring, summer and fall.

“A lot of companies have a captain, but they don’t have a captain that grew up here,” he says. “I’ve got a unique personality. A mix of George Carlin, Bart Simpson and Jacques Cousteau.”

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