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The water at Crab Island is at its most beautiful hues of blue before and after high tide, as water from the Gulf of Mexico pours through the Destin Pass. Low tide sends water from the Choctawhatchee Bay in the opposite direction, causing water that’s not as clear.

When is Crab Island busiest? When schools are out, so are Crab Island visitors. If you want to beat the crowds, plan to visit when schools are in session.

Get going early in the morning. If you can get out of bed early, you’ll beat the heat, the traffic and crowds on the beaches as well as Crab Island.

The best Crab Island sunsets happen on days when there are a few clouds in the sky.

Size doesn’t matter, at least when it comes to getting a boat to get to and from Crab Island. What matters is that you have a boat. Finding a boat to rent or charter needs to be at the top of your to-do list when you’re
planning your vacation.

Yes, you can drink at Crab Island and many people do. No glass bottles please. Nothing ruins a vacation faster than a trip to the ER. Local hack: Crab Island may fall outside Destin city limits, but it falls within several law enforcement jurisdictions. Deputies and other officers patrol the area on boats to keep everyone safe. Local hack: If you’re planning to drink, choose a charter instead of a rental. The last thing you want to take home from vacation is a BUI (think boating instead of driving).

Don’t even think about swimming to Crab Island, even if you’re an Olympian in the pool. Currents are powerful around the shallow sandbar, no matter how short the distance seems to be. On that same note, check out the depth of the water with your feet before you even think about diving.

Making a shopping list? Put ice and (if needed) an ice chest on that list. You’ll need at least 10 pounds of ice to spend the day at Crab Island. Ice chests, floating toys, sunscreen, hats and other Crab Island must-haves are easy to find at local convenience stores, gas stations and grocery stores.

Driving over the Destin Bridge to or from Fort Walton Beach, it’s tempting to slow down and take a look at the crystalline waters below. Travel the speed limit and keep your eyes on the road. Each year, accidents on that stretch are caused by distracted driving.